Blue sky meditation – Finding clarity, peace and calm

Finding clarity, peace and calm in the deep space of the sky.

Your mind is like the sky. Depending on the atmosphere in your head, you could have many types of thoughts clouding the backdrop of your inner vision. Your internal sky-scape may be congested with low-hanging moods like dark cumulus clouds on a soggy evening, or it could have high-flying wisps of inspiration like cirrus clouds on a breezy afternoon. Just like the weather; the climate in your mind will always change.

Clouds can alert us of a coming storm, or give us an indication of what to expect by day’s end. Our thoughts can also influence our future. If you don’t believe it to be true, remember a time when you woke up thinking of something that caused you anxiety. How did your day progress? Were you nervous? Fearful? Shy about speaking up in public? Changing your thoughts can change the course of your day, and it’s all up to you.

Use this guided imagery meditation when you want some mental clarity, need a positive outlook, or are simply seeking the peace of mind you might feel on a cloudless blue sky day.

Do it now

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Draw your awareness inward. Become aware of your thoughts, and unlike other meditation practices that have you detaching from your thought, let your attention settle on each thought. Now, without realism, only creative imagination, relate your thoughts to clouds. Study the depth, size, colour, and density of each thought. See them as the various types of clouds that appear in the sky.

Next, understand that clouds come and go, just as your thoughts. come and go. While you might wake up to a rainy day and feel let down that it’s raining on your parade, you must trust that the sky is still blue above the hazy mess. Thoughts veil the purity of our mind. Above all thoughts is a massive expansion of crystal clear atmosphere. When we connect with this source of all that is grand and pure, our hearts sing and our soul finds peace.

Rise above your thoughts. Find clarity. Open your mind to the supreme, ever-present blue-sky bliss of consciousness. Your day-to-day weather may change, but one thing is for certain; the backdrop of your thoughts will not. Connect with this place and repeat the following verse from one of my favourite songs: Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see.

Have a beautiful day.

By Jill Lawson is a writer and yoga teacher in Colorado, USA | Om Yoga Magazine